We enjoy seeing cosplays at our festival and will do what we can to make it a nice and attractive place to be for all cosplayers.

Copenhagen Comics loves cosplay

We would like to give cosplayers a 50% discount on our weekend tickets. Both days there are activities for cosplayers. We want to do more to have you with us all weekend. This year, you may be asked at the entrance to explain your character in order to receive the discount. See you in Øksnehallen!

Cosplay on the program

We have program points that try to:

  • Spread awareness of and interest in cosplay in Denmark
  • Attract active cosplayers to the festival

The program includes cosplay catwalk, craftsmanship competition, workshops, panels, and lectures

You are always welcome to send suggestions and comments to .

Closed cosplay lounge for cosplayers

Inside the festival, there is an enclosed changing area with a sink and mirror for active cosplayers. You can also take a much-needed rest in the lounge.

What is cosplay?

The word cosplay is a contraction of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. It is a creative form of expression where a person dresses up as a character from a comic book, anime, manga, book, movie, TV series, video game or similar.

Cosplayers often put a lot of time and effort into creating or purchasing their costumes and accessories so they can look as realistic and detailed as possible. They can also role-play, take photos and participate in cosplay competitions and events where they can meet other cosplayers and show off their costumes.

When interacting with cosplayers, remember that cosplay does not equal consent. Always ask permission before photographing, recording or even touching a person or their costume.

Competitions and news

Cosplay news

Stay up to date on cosplay at Copenhagen Comics

Cosplay is not consent

  • Always ask permission before photographing or filming a cosplayer. Respect a no!
  • Always ask permission before touching a cosplayer’s costume. Respect a no!
  • Copenhagen Comics does not tolerate the denigration and ridicule of cosplayers.
  • Social media is not consent. Do not share photos/videos of anyone on tiktok, snapchat, youtube, instagram or other social media without that person’s permission.

You can read more about our cosplay Code of Conduct here.

Cosplay/props weapon rules

    When you participate in Copenhagen comic, we follow the
    Danish gun legislation
    . This way we avoid problems and ensure a great experience for you as a participant.

    As a general rule, props used for cosplay shows also need to be inspected. Violations of our regulations may be met with the following: Minor violations may result in warnings and major violations will lead to expulsion and wristband cutting. In particularly serious breaches, you will also be reported to the police, as you are not only a danger to yourself, but also to others

    Ultimately, it’s Copenhagen Comics that decides

    You can find all the rules here

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