Meet Sussi Bech at Copenhagen Comics 2024

Danish comics legend Sussi Bech visits Copenhagen Comics 2024

Danish comics legend Sussi Bech visits Denmark’s largest comics festival

Sussi Bech is a prominent Danish comic book author and illustrator who has left a significant mark on the Danish comic book world. The first comic book Sussi published was Zainab, inspired by the Arabian Nights fairy tale, but with Sussi’s own ideas and insight into 9th century Baghdad. Over the years, she has created a number of exciting and unique series and albums, most famously the stories of Nofret, a Cretan princess’s experiences in ancient Egypt.

Sussi Bech is particularly fond of ancient Egypt; not only in relation to the Nofret series, which she started back in 1986, but also in other albums such as Aida Nur. There have also been a number of other albums: Eks Libris, Dalila den Drevne“, Zainab, Egtved Pigen“, De vilde Svaner” and “Ørsted” to name a few. All of which has earned Sussi numerous awards and accolades.

Sussi Bech is known for her ability to create fun, charming and timeless characters that appeal to both children and adults. Bech’s talent extends beyond the world of comics, as she has also created illustrations for children’s books and educational materials, including DR’s Kaj and Andrea books. In 2016, Sussi made her debut as a children’s author with the books about “Aziru” in ancient Levant. Sussi co-wrote the books with Ingo Milton and provided over 80 illustrations herself.

Throughout her career, Sussi Bech has won great recognition and awards for her work, and her influence on Danish comic book art and literature has been appreciated by colleagues and readers alike. She is an iconic figure in Danish comic book art and continues to inspire new generations of cartoonists and readers with her talent and creativity.

You can experience Sussi Bech and many more exciting guests at Copenhagen Comics 2024 on May 18-19, 2024

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