Philippe Xavier visits Copenhagen Comics 2024

Philippe Xavier, with his impressive portfolio, is a highly versatile artist who has left his mark on the comic book world with several remarkable works.

Philippe Xavier has an impressive portfolio that spans different genres and styles. His talent and creativity has made him a recognized creator in the comic book world.

Born in France in 1969, he left France at 18 to study advertising in Argentina and then worked as a graphic designer in Chile. At the age of 22, he moved to the US, where he lived for 12 years and broke into the comic book industry. In 1996, he started illustrating comics for various publishers.

A highly versatile artist, he has left his mark on the comic book world with several remarkable works. Some of his most famous comics are:

Philippe Xavier collaborated with author Jean Dufaux and publisher Le Lombard on this long-running series. Set in the Middle Ages, the story follows the knight Gauthier of Flanders on his epic journey. The series is filled with adventure, intrigue and fantastical elements.

Together with author Matz, Philippe Xavier created the Tango series. The first volume, An Ocean of Stone, was published in 2017. Tango is the story of an assassin and a mysterious woman whose destinies intersect in a dangerous world.

A four-album series written by Jean Dufaux, the series is set in the historical situation of 1520, in the Aztec kingdom of Tenochtitlán, where the conquistador Cortez wants a specially selected group of souls to receive the gold of Montezuma.

In addition to the aforementioned series, Philippe Xavier has also worked on projects such as The Coyote and the Snake and Red Sand.

Philippe Xavier will be at the E-vokes booth, so you can buy an album from us and get a signature.

You can experience Philippe Xavier and many more exciting guests at Copenhagen Comics 2024 on May 18-19, 2024.

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