Soya S. Holm & Madamka

Creators of LGBTQ+ webcomics "Diamond Dive" & "Susuhara Is A Demon!" - Pretty sapphic women galore!

Find os på stand: AA 53


We’re Madamka and Soya, two lesbian comic creators who love to draw beautiful and kickass queer women!

Madamka is the creator of LGBTQ+ fashionable fantasy romance webcomic “Diamond Dive” about a newbie witch (literally) fighting to get a date with the girl of her dreams!

Soya is the creator of LGBTQ+ romance/comedy webcomic “Susuhara Is A  Demon!”, strap in for a ride jam-packed with terribly embarrassing flirting techniques, kick-ass delinquents and existential dread by the buttload!

At our stand you’ll find: printed comics, stickers, keychains, art prints and other fun things~! (like dress-up sticker sheets…. WHAT?!) If you’re a fan of any of the following: kick-ass muscular women, lesbians, fashion, queer content, webcomics or all of the above – Then please do stop by and say hi!

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