Workshop: Storytelling through landscape 

Learn about worldbuilding and the crucial role that environment drawing plays in it.


Søndag kl. 11.00-11.50


Asiatisk popkultur

Learn to breathe life into your illustrations and take part in the workshop on dynamic and expressive drawing. Add energy to the way you pose your characters and bring vibrancy and atmosphere to the landscapes you compose. The workshop will be comprised of a few exercises to help you get loose and explore new ways of creating art focusing on gesture, environment drawing and shape language. You will learn to approach drawing with more intention as well as boost dynamism and let your personality shine in your pieces. Anyone, regardless of skill level, will benefit from this workshop and is very welcome to join.

Barbara Sosnowska is an illustrator and comic artist from Poland, currently based in Viborg, Denmark. In 2023 she started her education in Graphic Storytelling at the Animation Workshop. Her work explores themes of domesticity, childhood imagination and human connection. She is always ready to challenge herself and is keen on experimentation utilizing a mixed media approach, working with pencil, watercolour, crayons paper cutouts and more. She is always on the lookout for new creative projects. Privately, she enjoys long walks, dancing, petting cats and drinking tea in big cups


Workshoppen er på engelsk.


Sted: Asiatisk popkultur Tidspunkt: Søndag 19/5 kl.11.00-11.50 Gæster: Barbara Sosnowska

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