Code of Conduct

We want Copenhagen Comics to be a festival that everyone feels safe to participate in.

We want to create a welcoming, friendly, inclusive and family-friendly festival.

We expect all participants to behave in a reasonable, polite and orderly manner towards other participants, exhibitors, cosplayers and volunteers.

We ask that harassing behavior does not take place. Such as:

  • Unwanted physical contact
  • Unwanted sexual comments or contact
  • Condescending, offensive comments that can cause discomfort
  • Portrait photography and video recording without consent
  • Intimidating behavior and stalking of other participants

The above behavior may lead to you being asked to leave the festival.

Specifically for contact with cosplayers

The cardinal rule of all: Cosplay is not consent.

  • Always ask permission before photographing a cosplayer. Respect a no!
  • Always ask permission before touching a cosplayer’s costume. Respect a no!
  • Copenhagen Comics does not tolerate the denigration and ridicule of cosplayers.
  • Social media is not consent. Do not share photos/videos of anyone on tiktok, snapchat, youtube, instagram or other social media without that person’s permission.

Remember: The Danish Personal Data Act also applies at Copenhagen Comics, cf. “Act on the Processing of Personal Data”, Act no. 429 of 31/05/2000.

All our volunteers and guards are trained to handle the interaction between audience and cosplayers. If you as a cosplayer experience or witness an uncomfortable situation at the festival, you should immediately contact a volunteer.

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