Dungeons Consulting

Dungeons Consulting is your stop for D&D, dice, minis, TCG and more! Stand: AA 60

Welcome to Dungeons Consulting, our online corner of gaming geekiness!


Hej! I´m Ramón, a gamer enthusiast and fantasy fan. Back in my home country, I had a little hobby shop selling RPG books and lovely dice.

Now, I have been living in Denmark for a few years and have always wanted to open again an online shop related to my passion for Dungeons and Dragons, dice, minis and TCG, but I had never really thought much about it.

Until I met Zoraya, a fellow gamer and cat lover who wanted to start her own business related to her love for gaming and geek culture.

We rolled the same initiative and here we are! We bid you welcome to Dungeons Consulting, where the dice are rolling and the cats are purring! (Well, not literally, but you get the idea.) Tak!

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