Peter Madsen visits Copenhagen Comics 2024

Peter Madsen is one of the biggest names among Danish cartoonists and has received numerous awards for his work. Photo: Carsten Lundager

Most people probably know Peter Madsen best from Valhalla: the riveting and deeply entertaining series about the Norse gods. Valhalla went on to become 15 volumes and an animated film and is a success both in Denmark and abroad.

In addition, he has created a number of other comics and fully illustrated books, including The Storybook (2014), Wingbeat (2018) and The Original Story (2021).

Peter Madsen is also the co-creator of the popular children’s books, Troldeliv, which he makes in collaboration with his wife, Sissel Bøe. They are currently working on Askemor, the latest volume in the series.

You can meet Peter Madsen at Copenhagen Comics May 18-19, 2024 in Øksnehallen.
In our children and youth area, he runs an exciting drawing workshop based on the irresistible ‘Troldeliv’ (Troll Life) books.

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