Craig Thompson visits Copenhagen Comics 2024

Experience Eisner and Harvey award-winning cartoonist Craig Thompson at Copenhagen Comics

With three Eisner awards for Best Graphic Album and Best Writer/Artist as well as 4 Harvey awards, this is an artist you will meet at the exhibition.

Craig is known for his style, which is influenced by Taro Yashima, Daniel Clowes, Chris Ware and Joe Sacco. It all started for Craig Thompson during his college days, when he began doing a series for the college newspaper. Suddenly he was – as he says – “in love with comics”.
It’s understandable…

His first book Farewell Chunky Rice won him the Harvey Award for best new talent in the whole back in 1999. That same year, he started working on the novel Blankets, a 600-page autobiographical work published in 2003. Time Magazine named Blankets the best graphic novel of the year.

With the stunning graphic novel Habibi from 2011, which he started working on in 2004, his name was established.

Habibi is 670 pages and tells the youth of two slaves, Dodola and Cham, in an imaginary Arab country, Dodola witnesses the murder of her husband by thieves at the beginning of the work. After saving the life of a black slave’s child, whom she names Habibi (which translates as “my love” in Arabic), they find refuge in a shipwreck stranded in the middle of the desert. From there, these two beings will evolve in this fantasized Arabian world; to the rhythm of tales and stories told by the young woman. Biblical legends and calligraphy make the novel special and unique.

Media as diverse as Time Magazine, Elle, The Independt and the Financial Times have praised the work.

At Copenhagen Comics you have the opportunity to meet a unique artist. An opportunity not to be missed.

You can experience Craig Thompson and many more exciting guests at Copenhagen Comics on May 18-19, 2024 in Øksnehallen.

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