Experience Danielle Corsetto at Copenhagen Comics 2024

Creator of Girls With Slingshots, Stuck at 32 and author of BOO! It's Sex.

Danielle Corsetto is best known for her webcomic Girls with Slingshots, which began in 2004.
Over the years, it grew into a self-published full-color webcomic that was updated five times a week. The series was later published in print – in 10 books with 200 strips in each. And in a hardcover edition.

In addition to Girls with Slingshots, Danielle has written and drawn The New Adventures of Bat Boy, Stuck at 32. She is also the author of the sex-positive series, Boo! It’s sexpublished on Webtoons. The series is about four high school friends who, in their first year of university, move into a former student house where they discover the ghost of a dead student stuck in a discarded bottle of tequila. Tara the Ghost takes center stage in their personal lives and acts as an experienced mentor for their transition from girls to ladies.

Her new comic Elephant Town is a long, slow graphic novel about four people who live in the same house but don’t know each other.

In addition to publishing her own series, Danielle Corsetto has also contributed to several Adventure Time comics.

Danielle Corsetto lives in Shepherdstown, West Virginia in a 230-year-old house with her two cats, Smudge and Ellie (also known as Fluffy and Sprinkles) and her 9-year-old goldfish Goldie. She loves drinking tea, hiking and eating local food.

You can meet Danielle Corsetto and many more exciting guests at Copenhagen Comics – 18. & May 19, 2024 in Øksnehallen.

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