Meet Eric Knipper at Copenhagen Comics 2024

Meet Eric Knipper at Copenhagen Comics 2024 From the Iron Age to Nørrebro, Eric Knipper covers a wide range.

From the Iron Age to Nørrebro, Eric Knipper covers a wide range.

He made his debut with the album “Twillight” back in 1990. Born in Schleswig, but now living in Nørrebro and with a master’s degree in Modern Culture and Cultural Communication, he ended up working with comics.

His album Germania, made in collaboration with the National Museum of Denmark and published by Faraos Cigarer, is an Iron Age story about the Cimbrian warrior Hariuha’s defense against the barbarians around 300 AD. An album with beautiful drawings and coloring – and a glimpse into life in the early Iron Age.

Another historical comic Eric Knipper has created is Besærker. So what does “bersærk” mean? Berserk may mean “bare-chested” and refers to a special form of combat practiced in the Viking Age, where the combatant would shed both mail and robes and fight naked. The story is about Saxnot, who is consecrated as a holy warrior to serve the Danish king – and the series is also about how Denmark got its name. It features battles, Viking rituals, weapons, ships and what everyday life was like back then.

The series consists of 4 albums so far.

Eric Knipper is also responsible for two albums about Nørrebro “DYI Nørrebronx”. As he writes about the series: “Nørrebronx takes you on a peek inside the homes of the three losers Jens, Amanda and Idries. Follow the life on the stone bridge and see how they manage to keep their lives together despite the rigors of work, studies and the unemployment industry.”

Eric Knipper - Danish Cartoonists

You can experience Eric Knipper and many more exciting guests at Copenhagen Comics 2024 on May 18-19, 2024

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