The program for Copenhagen Comics 2024

This year there is a packed program with something for everyone.

We have many more workshops for fans of all ages. We have twice as many exciting stands in the artist alley. We have a new area focusing on manga and Asian pop culture. We have expanded the children and youth area with its own stage, more workshops, creative elements and a lounge area. All weekend long you can experience talented cartoonists drawing their best experiences at Copenhagen Comics over the past 20 years. This year, we are celebrating 20 years since a number of enthusiasts took the initiative for what has become Denmark’s largest comic book festival.

This year’s stage program

When you explore this year’s stage program, you’ll find a lot of exciting interviews and panels. You’ll hear a lot of great interviews with comic creators who are releasing new works this spring and with the many nominees for this year’s ping award.
Experience the live podcast as two former comics editors review Alan Moore movie adaptations. Together we’ll celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Turtles, celebrate the four pizza-loving turtles and their impact on comics and popular culture.

Come and hear about how Danish horror comics have evolved over the last ten years. Then you’ll hear a presentation about Webtoon – webcomics on mobile, and you’ll see a panel about feminist comics after the #MeToo movement.
Join the talented cosplayers as they showcase their work for the judges and audience. This year, our craftsmanship is judged in four categories.
You’ll hear about what’s happening in our neighboring countries, where we’ve brought in a bunch of comic creators and industry professionals to talk about the latest trends in comics.

Everyone is talking about AI and its impact on cartoonists, so here’s a debate about how AI can affect the working lives of Danish cartoonists. You’ll laugh at the tall tales that the staff in Danish comic book stores tell when we celebrate the heroes behind the counter. When you’re done with that, stop by and hear how to keep the creative spark alive as an artist, how to get inspired and keep the flag flying throughout your project. Then it’s time to talk about parenting in comics – where two comic debutants are interviewed about their comics, focusing on the role of father and mother respectively.

On the main stage you can watch the cosplay catwalk. There will be a wealth of great costumes and characters from all kinds of comics, manga, anime cartoons, movies, video games and all the other many fantastic universes.
You’ll hear interviews with amazing international cartoonists talking about how they broke through as cartoonists.

Join us as we dive into the amazing and boundless universe of manga, where anything can happen and anything is possible. Then talk about using the comic book as a textbook. Afterwards, you’ll hear about how to communicate heavy science using the comic book. Even tough topics like childhood trauma can be addressed through comics. Listen in as cartoonists are interviewed about graphic medicine.
After that, you’ll hear about how to review a comic book and you’ll get to experience it: LIVE. Finally, sit back and listen to a live episode of the podcast, TegneQUEERier.

And we haven’t even mentioned the program on the children and youth stage. Or the many workshops in the field of Asian pop culture. Or underground comics, zines and prints at Cph Zinefest. Or all the stands with publishers, shops, studios, communities and organizations for the many comic creators.

See you on 18. & May 19 in Øksnehallen for Denmark’s largest comic book festival

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Squeeze in at Copenhagen Comics

We’ve been drawing and drawing on this year’s floor plan and we’ve found extra space for more cartoonists. We have therefore reopened Artist Alley booking.
There are a limited number of seats, so hurry up and contact us if you want the opportunity to squeeze into Denmark’s largest comic book festival.

We also have room for you to buy a small, large or special stand at this year’s festival.

We look forward to having you at this year’s festival.

Join us as a volunteer

Copenhagen Comics is planned and executed entirely by volunteers.
In addition to joining the community and helping to create Denmark’s largest comic book festival, all volunteers get free entry all weekend!

As a volunteer, you get:

  • 2 x free entry to the entire festival for you and a friend
  • Food and drink on your shift day
  • New network among comic book fans, publishers and creators.
  • Access to the closed volunteer lounge throughout the festival

We need you in volunteer services

As a volunteer during the festival, you’ll be on a shift schedule and your shift only lasts 4 hours, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the festival. The tasks are :

  • Stand at the entrance, check and sell tickets, hand out wristbands etc.
  • Man the wardrobe
  • Act as stage manager and keep track of the schedule and participants
  • Keep track of the schedule in the live drawing area
  • Answer questions from the audience
  • Be a lounge guard and supervise at the volunteer lounge
  • Help move tables and chairs at a workshop
  • Ad hoc tasks of a practical nature

If this sounds like something for you, sign up as a weekend volunteer and choose festival service. We look forward to having you on the team!

Do you have a child host in you?

You give us four hours of your festival – we reward you with a free ticket plus a friend ticket for the whole weekend, food & drinks, the happiest kids and a strong community.
The only prerequisite is that you have the desire to volunteer with children. These include by helping out at the drawing tables or one of our many workshops.

Thank you for reading!

Photos by Carsten Olsen

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