Cosplay/props weapon rules

Here you will find the billing guidelines for Cosplay/props at Copenhagen Comics.

When you participate in Copenhagen comic, we follow the Danish firearms legislation. This way we avoid problems and ensure a great experience for you as a participant.

As a general rule, props used for cosplay shows also need to be inspected.

Violations of our regulations may be met with the following: Minor violations may result in warnings and major violations will lead to expulsion and wristband cutting. In particularly serious breaches, you will also be reported to the police, as you are not only a danger to yourself, but also to others

Ultimately, it’s Copenhagen Comics that decides

Copenhagen Comic weapon and prop rules

  • Weapons that are brought in must comply with Danish weapons legislation, even weapons to be used for cosplay shows!
  • It is your responsibility to have your weapon and/or prop checked and approved by someone working in the control area.
  • Common sense should prevail when handling weapons – plastic or not.
  • Unruly use or handling that endangers others risks a warning or confiscation of the weapon as well as a cut in your wristband!
  • The maximum height of your prop/weapon is 30 cm higher than your own height. That is, if your own height is 175 cm, your prop should be 205 cm max, so you have full control over it.
    In addition, the overhang of your prop/weapon must also be a maximum of the length of your own arm for the same reason.
  • Still, headgear must also not protrude further from the back of your head than 30 cm and the maximum weight of headgear is 2 kg.
  • Your weapons/props, armor or other objects, regardless of material, must not have any sharp edges or points. It must be blunt or ground and not capable of stabbing or cutting and leaving a mark.
  • General tools such as screwdrivers and pliers must be justified and still pass the Weapon Check.
  • Regardless of material, your handheld prop/weapon must weigh a maximum of 2 kg. This does not apply to armor other than helmets.
  • Copenhagen Comic reserves the right to refuse a weapon access on site should rules be broken. Weapons that are outright illegal, as in they are sharp, will be confiscated from the owner and sent to the police against an approved hunting license or authorization for transport.

List of prohibited weapons

The following weapons and weapon types are prohibited at Copenhagen Comics:

  • Metal weapons; including but not limited to:
    • Swords, knives, clubs, throwing stars, etc.
    • Metal armor must be brought to the inspector upon arrival.
    • Reenactment weapons can be approved by a check from Weapon Check.
  • Projectile weapons; including, but not limited to:
    • Airsoft guns, hardball guns, working replica firearms, BB guns, crossbows, water pistols, etc.
    • Weapons that are believed to be incapacitated, meaning they cannot shoot or otherwise fire a projectile, must be brought under control. It should be said that if it can fire, the weapon will be confiscated and will only be handed back after the convention!
  • Chemical based weapons or explosives; including but not limited to:
    • Fireworks, smoke bombs, stink bombs, etc.
  • Electrically powered tools; including but not limited to:
    • Chainsaws, power tools, etc.
  • Objects of such a nature that they can be used as weapons:
    • Hard sticks (e.g. hardwood sticks), baseball bats, umbrellas that look like swords, etc.
  • Self-flying objects; including, but not limited to:
    • Helium balloons, drones, etc.

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