Meet a lot of exciting guests

Copenhagen Comics is always visited by a host of exciting foreign and Danish comic artists. This year is no exception.

We will, among others have visits from Alan Davis, Gemma Corell, Craig Thompson and Michael Lark

We have also announced a long list of Danish guests. Since the last newsletter, we have announced Anna Laurine Kornum, Sofie Riise Noors, Thomas Bugge, Supersnak, Line Høj Hostrip, Simon Petersen, John Kenn Mortensen, Mårdøn Smet, Rune Ryberg, Ingo Milton, Niels Roland, NMAAR, Zen Balslev and Ida Rud

Squeeze in at Copenhagen Comics

We still have room for you to buy a small, large or special stand at this year’s festival.

When you buy a stand at Copenhagen Comics, you get a physical stand at the fair as well as an online stand on the website.

Drawing workshop: Create your own adventurer with Snackbag Studios

Copenhagen Comics invites children and young people to a drawing workshop at Spillaboratoriet.
We want to spread the love of comics and encourage creative development in children and young people. That’s why we once again invite you to a drawing workshop for children and young people aged 8 and up.

We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you for reading!

Photos by Carsten Olsen

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