Meet Gunnar Wille at Copenhagen Comics

Danish cartoonist and children's author Gunnar Wille visits Denmark's largest comic book festival.

He has written and drawn the books The Shrink from Outer Space and Magical Mads, among others.

Well, you know ‘Skrumpen’ from outer space, right? Or have heard of it. It was written and illustrated by Gunner Wille. He is also a writer, animation director and image creator.

In addition, Gunnar has developed and experimented with computer animation programs, created the animation director program at the National Film School of Denmark, written many books and made animated films since 1980. Gunnar has even worked on theater performances.

Copenhagen Comic will focus on universe creation, books and illustrations. So come by, meet Gunnar and experience his amazing characters and drawings.

See you in Øksnehallen on May 18-19, 2024 for Copenhagen Comics

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