Øystein Runde visits Copenhagen Comics 2024

Øystein Runde creates series in many genres, from the superhero Bjartmann to the Viking Olav Sleggja.

For the past few years, Øystein Runde has been working with research. Stem cells were selected for the UN Sustainability Library and Antibiotics was recommended as a curriculum for bioengineering students. But it can also be read by children.

Runde has also written the article on dark matter for Lille Norske Leksikon, and to go more in-depth, he also has the podcast Wunderdog, where he interviews guests about mind uploads, crazy consequences of particle physics or the bullet holes in the Milky Way.

Finding groundbreaking research and making it accessible to children before most adults have heard of it is Øystein’s favorite thing to do.

You can experience Øystein Runde and many more exciting guests at Copenhagen Comics 2024 on 18-19. May 2024

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